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Bees are arguably the most important species on Earth. They are responsible for the pollination of the vast majority of our food crops and while there are other pollinators out there (e.g. birds, bats, wind, other insects) bees are responsible for up to 70% of the world’s 100 food crop species. Without bees our food...
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Gardening Advice with Kristee Semmler Autumn is such a fabulous time of year when deciduous trees really show off in all their Autumn glory. Shades of red, orange, yellow, purple and pink dominate gardens and landscapes giving a last big hurrah of colour before leaf fall and Winter sets in. Obviously we have lots of...
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Indoor plants are a huge trend which is set to continue for years to come. It’s great because indoor plants help to filter the air in your home, remove toxins, they look great and generally just make you feel good! But, not every indoor plant is suited to every indoor situation. Much like outdoor plants,...
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The world has faced some uncertain and frightening times in the past months with the global coronavirus crisis. Who knows how long this will last? Certainly international travel and even domestic travel will be kept to a minimum in the coming months, meaning most of us will be bunkering down at home, hoping and waiting for...
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