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Gardening for Mental Health & Well Being

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    On trend, plant addict, crazy plant lady, indoor jungle, obsession are all terms I’m seeing more and more when referring to indoor plants.

    I’ve seen Facebook posts of people who have upward of 90 indoor plants in their home! I don’t have that number in my home, but I’m pretty proud of my indoor lovelies and could not imagine my home without them!

    They not only look amazing and bring my home to life, but the health benefits are pretty darn impressive too! First and foremost of importance to me, especially with a baby in the house, is that they reduce the toxins in the air and improve air quality within the home.

    Studies suggest they can remove up to 90% of some toxins! Impressive! The more plants in a room, the more toxins absorbed and the more oxygen released.

    I have two huge and healthy mother-in-law’s tongues or Sansevieras which are one of only a few plants that release oxygen at night, ensuring a great and healthy sleep!

    I also love the ‘feel good’ vibes that indoor plants give off. We can call that improving well being. Indoor plants and ‘green’ views are known to make people happier, have proven to improve concentration and reduce stress.

    I can attest to this – when I take my plants outside to liquid feed. I don’t feel nearly as happy or house proud as I do when they are inside, quietly making my home look better, and me feel better, with their shiny green leaves and beautiful lushness!

    The indoor plant trend has taken off and is set to continue for years to come. This is one obsession we should all get on board within our homes and workplaces – the health benefits are just too good to ignore (no dieting or exercise required either!)

    Going into winter when the nights are dark and the days are grey, these green beauties bring a pop of fresh colour into our homes – And they just make any space look so much better!

    Now to choose my next plant to add to my indoor jungle…. happy indoor gardening!



    If you forget to water your plants this one’s for you! It thrives on neglect!


    Both kentia palms and parlour palms – lush and green and easy to grow.


    Mother in laws tongue – requires little water/ care and releases oxygen at night.


    A gorgeous trailing plant that looks awesome hanging down from a shelf or bookcase.


    Variegated leaves give great colour and these guys are super easy to grow.

    This article was written by Kristee Semmler of Barossa Nursery for the Barossa Mag