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What to do in the Garden this August

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    We are now in the final month of Winter. August is a fabulous month as the signs of spring begin to come to life before us. The landscape begins to glow with the gold of wattles in flower. Spring flowering bulbs are pushing their way through the cool winter soil and the trees that have been enjoying a winter rest are showing signs of exploding into new life and colour.
    There is much to achieve during this month for the season of abundance that is just around the corner.

    August Checklist
    • Plants which have overwintered in the ground can now be lifted and split, tidied up and replanted into freshly dug soil.
    • Add compost and manure to garden beds to prepare for spring growth.
    • As Winter plants finish flowering, feed with an organic fertiliser to ensure lots of Spring growth.
    • If you haven’t completed your rose pruning, it is not too late but try to have it done as soon as possible this month.
    • Now is a good time to prepare ground for sowing new lawns in September. Remove any perennial weeds, dig over and level ground, removing stones, roots, and other debris.
    • Continue to apply a good liquid plant food weekly to winter flowering annuals to ensure a wonderful finale to their seasonal display.
    • As the weather allows, begin to plant Alyssum, Cosmos, Cleome, Carnations, Dianthus, Marigolds, Nasturtium, Petunia, Phlox, Snapdragons and Zinnia to begin the festival of spring colour
    In the Veggie Garden
    Tropics Sub-tropical Arid Temperate
    Asian Greens Asian Greens Artichoke Artichoke
    Asparagus Beetroot Asian Greens Asparagus
    French & Climbing Beans Broccoli Asparagus Broccoli
    Beetroot Capsicum French & Climbing Beans Cabbage
    Capsicum Chilli Beetroot Celery
    Chilli Carrot Cabbage Coriander
    Carrot Cucumber Celery English Spinach
    Cucumber Dill Chives Lettuce
    Eggplant Eggplant Coriander Mint
    Kale Kale Dill Onion
    Mediterranean Herbs* Leek Kale Pea
    Pumpkin Lettuce Lettuce Potato
    Radish Mediterranean Herbs* Mint Radish
    Rocket Mint Onion Rhubarb
    Silverbeet Onions Parsley Silverbeet
    Tomato Parsley Pea Snow Peas
    Zucchini Pumpkin Potato
    Radish Radish
    Rocket Rocket
    Rhubarb Silverbeet
    Spring Onion
    Snow peas

    Including Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Marjoram, and Oregano

    2 Responses
    1. Helen

      Hi there, Could you please tell me some of the more common plants which fall into this category: Plants which have overwintered in the ground can now be lifted and split, tidied up and replanted into freshly dug soil.

    2. Susan Bostock

      I love receiving these regular emails to guide me through the necessary tasks that need to be completed each month.
      The list of veggies and herbs above, does that mean we can start planting them now? If so, any hints for success in the ground?

      With thanks
      Sue Bostock