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What to do in the Garden this February

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    Summer is a vibrant time in the kitchen garden with an abundant harvest of all the warm season fruits, vegetables and herbs. We are enjoying incredibly fresh, healthy, flavour filled goodness of homegrown produce as delightful rewards for our efforts.

    February To Do List
    • Summer is the entertaining season and regular harvesting from the edible garden will keep your summer feasting fresh and tasty but also keep the herbs, vegetables and fruiting plants productive and maximising the warm weather growth
    • Mulch, Mulch, Mulch! – great for saving precious water and making the most of any summer rains
    • Be Water Smart! It’s best to water first thing in the morning, to give your soil a chance to absorb all the moisture before it gets too hot
    • In the warm and humid weather watch out for and control fungal problems such as downy mildew and rust on susceptible plants
    • Be on bug watch. Bring in a phone picture to help us find the best solution
    • Prune annual plants as they begin to finish flowering and feed with fertiliser that is high is potassium to promote more flowers
    • Remove weeds before they seed

    What to grow in February:
    • Alyssum
    • Calendula
    • Nasturtium
    • Vinca
    • Dianthus
    • Lobelia
    • Zinnia

    As well as looking great, flower beds also create a welcoming environment for all sorts of friendly beneficial insects.

    It is certainly the season to enjoy the fruits of your labour but also the time to begin to prepare the edible garden for the months ahead.

    In the Veggie Patch

    Tropics Sub-tropical Arid Temperate
    Asian Greens Asian Greens Basil Beetroot
    Basil Basil French and Climbing Beans Broccoli
    Capsicum Capsicum Beetroot Brussel Sprouts
    Chilli Chilli Brussel Sprouts Cabbage
    Cauliflower Carrot Carrot Carrot
    Cucumber Chives Cauliflower Cauliflower
    Celery Mediterranean Herbs* Celery Capsicum
    Eggplant Leek Cucumber Celery
    Sweet Corn Lettuce Eggplant Chives
    Tomato Radish Leek Mediterranean Herbs*
    Rocket Lettuce Kale
    Spring Onion Parsley Leek
    Sweet Corn Silverbeet Lettuce
    Tomato Sweet Corn Mint
    Radish Tomato Parsnip
    Spring Onion Radish
    Spring Onion

    *Including Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Marjoram, and Oregano.